Introducing the Square Appointments App—Stay on Top of Your Schedule from Anywhere

As the mother of two and a hairdresser at Third Street Salon in Tipp City, Ohio, Jillian Seagraves is constantly on the go. That makes managing her appointment schedule challenging, especially when things shift around.

“I was always on the phone, trying to find times to squeeze clients in,” says Jillian. “And since I couldn’t see my schedule before coming in, I’d often head to the salon and sit there with no clients, knowing I could be at home with my family instead.”

Difficulties with juggling schedules is a pain point we hear a lot from salons, barber shops, health and wellness providers, and other service professionals. That’s why we designed Square Appointments, an online booking system that accepts appointments 24 hours a day — making it convenient for you and your clients as well. Already, millions of appointments have been scheduled online through Square.

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Today, we’re making the day-to-day even easier with the Appointments app, which puts the information you need to run your business right at your fingertips, from your clients to your calendar –– and, of course, your payments. Here’s what you can do with the new app:

  • Manage appointments on the go: Set up and edit your appointments anywhere your business takes you.
  • Carry all your clients with you: Access and edit your client profiles.
  • Accept appointments instantly: Accept or decline appointments directly through your iPhone notifications screen.
  • Complete payments anywhere: Check clients out directly on your iPhone seamlessly through the Square app.

The tools have already made a big difference for Jillian, who tested out the product during our pilot program. As she explains, “With the Square Appointments app, it’s like my business is open 24/7. I love not having to log on to my computer to manage every appointment, and it’s great to see my calendar right on my phone. That saves me time, which also saves me money.”

The new Appointments app is available for iPhone and iPad — even if you don’t process payments with Square. We want to empower you to do business anywhere, and our family of Square apps makes it easier to run your point of sale, check your sales reports, and book more business.

Square Appointments is rated one of the most popular, user-friendly, and affordable software products for salons by Capterra. Try Square Appointments and see for yourself.