[QUIZ] How Much Do You Know About Small Business Data Security?

You may have started your business to fulfill a passion or focus on your vocation. But once you became the boss, you realized that you needed to be an expert on everything from marketing to HR to inventory management.

Now, with all the news about data breaches — like the ones that happened to Equifax and Target — you need to add another thing to your list of expertise: data security.

What is data security?

Each payment transaction results in a collection of customer data, and exposing this sensitive information can have devastating effects on your business. In order to safeguard your business and customer information, you need to think about the processes, practices, and techniques that protect that data from being access by hackers. This is known as data security.

Proprietary software or hardware (like firewalls) that detect suspicious activity are both forms of data security. But so are secure payment devices and services that constantly monitor transactions.

Implementing data security efforts into your business

Not sure where to start? We’ve prepared a short quiz (below) to test your knowledge in data security.

But no matter how you scored on the quiz, it’s important to know you don’t have to take on the burden of data security alone. Look for partners that can take some of the weight off your shoulders. A payment processor like Square, for instance, provides PCI-compliant systems, fraud detection, and dispute support, among other data security measures.

With the right partners, you can spend your time worrying less about your security and more on growing your business.