Hiring for Growing Businesses [Webinar]

One of the most important decisions you can make as a business owner is who you hire to support your business’s growth. After all, the person you bring on as a server at your restaurant or as an office manager for your law firm can have a big impact on how your business runs.

Whether this is your first employee or your 30th, a lot needs to happen before you extend an offer to that perfect hire.

You need to consider the expected (what the role entails, what salary and benefits cost, etc.) and the unexpected (the time it takes to train and manage a new hire, the cost of new technology to support things like payroll, etc.)

To help you through that process, Square’s talent acquisition lead, Andrew Trout, teamed up with ZipRecruiter’s senior director of inside sales, Jason Blais, for a webinar about hiring. During the webinar they discuss:

  • How to know it’s the right time to hire
  • How to determine what a new employee actually costs
  • How to optimize your recruitment process to get the right candidates