This Week’s Must-Read Small Business Articles

This Week’s Must-Read Small Business Articles
by Square Sep 05, 2014 — 1 min read
This Week’s Must-Read Small Business Articles

Happy Labor Day Weekend, and welcome to our weekly series of must-read small business articles. Every Friday, we’ll be doing just what it sounds like—sharing the articles we think will be the most interesting to Square sellers. (Also, just some fun stuff). Here’s what we’ve got this week:

This guy is launching 12 startups in 12 months. Gives a new meaning to the adage, if at first you don’t succeed … try 11 more times?

He could probably use some sound business advice from the entrepreneurs who shared their secrets for winning on “Shark Tank.” Pro tip: Start with having a plan before you walk in the room.

Speaking of startups, a flight was diverted this week after a fight broke out due to Knee Defender, a new product that prevents passengers from reclining their seats. Viral marketing at its best (or worst, if you were on that flight).

Lots of news this week for small businesses looking to grow online: The Small Business Sense blog has five tips for using Pinterest to market your business. If you want to compete with the Amazons and Walmarts of the world, we recommend this guide to e-commerce for brick-and-mortar retailers or these strategies to help small sellers level the playing field.

Trying to figure out what makes your customers tick? Here are three secrets for making people happy every time.

We posted about this earlier in the week, but this story about a coffee shop in North Dakota that charges based on the honor system is rad. Not only have they not gone bankrupt, they’re making about 15 percent more in profit than expected.

First it put up shutters so we couldn’t casually window shop. Now Abercrombie and Fitch is phasing out its logo to try to boost sales. Next thing you know it won’t be suffocating us with the smell of teenage angst, either.

Finally: a story on firms that are in the awkward position of having to fire a family member. Terminating an employee is never an easy situation. Just imagine having to eat Thanksgiving dinner with that very same employee.

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