Accept payments for CBD quickly, easily, and securely.

No matter how you sell your CBD products, we have a payment solution.

Take payments online

Use your current website or create a free online store to sell your CBD products and accept payments online with Square.

Take payments in person

Easily accept card payments at your store or on the go with Square Point of Sale or Square for Retail.

Take payments in your app

Work with your developer to integrate Square payments into your mobile app and start accepting in-app payments.

Four things to know about our pricing

  1. Consistent rates

    Just choose the software and hardware solution that’s right for your business to get a rate that’s fair.

  2. Clear pricing

    No complicated bills to deal with at the end of the month. You can log in and see your Square rate at any time in your Dashboard.

  3. One rate for every card

    No different rates for different credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and rewards cards—all the same rate.

  4. No hidden fees

    No startup fees, statement fees, monthly fees, refund fees, PCI-compliance fees, business card fees, hardware leasing fees—you get the idea.

Competitive payment processing rates for CBD businesses

We make accepting cards as fast, painless, and secure as possible. There are no extra fees, no long-term contracts, and no tricks.

Online and In-App

4.2% + 30¢

Per transaction


3.9% + 10¢

Per tap, dip, or swipe

Keyed-In and Card on File

4.8% + 15¢

Per transaction

Custom pricing packages may be available for large businesses depending on payment volume, average transaction size, and more. We’d love to have a conversation about it.
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Secure payments, made simple

You can now use the payments provider millions of businesses depend on for your CBD business. Square is flexible, secure, and reliable.

Payments solutions, at any scale

Square processes millions of payments every day and handles the complexity of payments on your behalf so you can rely on your cash flow coming in.

PCI Compliance, covered

As the merchant of record, our reputation is at stake as much as yours. We’re dedicated to protecting both our merchants and their customers. We make PCI Compliance easy and have AML and KYC checks in our system, at no extra cost.

Data security, taken care of

With end-to-end encryption, customers’ payment data never touches your servers or devices. Our system is battle-tested every day, 24/7, to eliminate any potential vulnerabilities.

Payment risk, minimized

With our large ecosystem of payments and a dedicated in-house team of data scientists and risk analysts, we keep you ahead of fraud. No extra fees, it’s all included in your rate.

“Getting started with Square was shockingly simple and straightforward — just like the product itself. I feel so thankful to Square for supporting our business.”

Heidi Hill, President, Holistic Hound

Full-featured software solutions for your CBD business

Square for Retail

Run your storefront, back office, inventory, and online sales with a powerful point-of-sale system built for retailers.

Square Online Store

Create a free, professional website that elevates your brand and syncs seamlessly with your POS. Accept online payments and ship your orders or offer pickup.

Partner Integrations

Easily set up Square payments through pre-built plugins for popular platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Limelight, SuitePOS, and C-Trax.

We are here to help you succeed

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