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Sell in all the places your customers hang out online.

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Boost discovery and sales on Google

Square Online sites have Order with Google built in so customers can find your business quickly and place online orders. Square also works with Google Product Listings to help shoppers easily discover your products on Google Search, Shopping, or Images.

Make it easier than ever for customers to discover your business on Google when your offerings and items match their search.

Avoid third-party marketplace commissions, and encourage customers to order directly from your site for pickup and delivery.

Purchases happen on your Square Online site, so you own the customer relationship. Each sale provides valuable data you can use in Square Marketing and Loyalty programs to drive repeat business.

Selling on Google starts with Square Online.

Launch a free eCommerce website with Square Online. No monthly fees or startup costs. Pay only when you make a sale—just 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Accelerate business growth with Square Online.

Simplify discovery

Every Square Online site comes with built-in search engine optimization tools to make it easier for new customers to find you online.

Streamline checkout

Make mobile shopping a snap. Square Online sites have an app-like user interface to give shoppers the easiest path to purchase from your social posts.

Get a holistic view

Manage all your sales channels, social integrations, product listings, and orders — online and off — in one centralized, streamlined platform.

Build customer relationships

When shoppers buy directly from your Square Online site instead of a third party, you own the customer relationship and the data to drive loyalty and repeat purchase.

Whatever you sell, wherever you post—get selling fast with Square Online.

Square Online helps you up your social commerce game.

Make social selling an integral part of your business strategy. Launch a free Square Online site now and take advantage of powerful sales channels and social commerce integrations.