Scalable solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

No matter if you’re just starting out, or looking at your next location, Square has customizable solutions for your business size.

“Square has been growing with us, and every time that we need a new feature, it’s there. It’s really nice to have everything in one, and we don’t have to be going back and forth with different apps.”

Andrea Aguirre

Co-founder, The Art of Donut
Quick-service Restaurant

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An all-in-one solution for payments, POS, scheduling, online sales and more.

Tired of having multiple systems that don’t work together? Square’s integrated POS and payment tools bring it all together on one platform.

“Without Square, I think we’d need a full administrative person — maybe two — to handle the ordering, the inventory, and track products for us and then do the sales tax.”

Elyse Paré

Co-founder, Graze on Main
Charcuterie & Wine Shop

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Features that continue to develop.

As your business grows, so does Square. Learn how these US businesses have scaled to multiple locations.

“We’ve been a growing company for many years and it continues to grow. Square has definitely helped that growth, both in terms of technology and being more efficient. Because we’re more efficient, customers are more satisfied with our business and tend to use us more often.”

Susan Jepsen

CFO, Reynolds Towing
Towing Company

Here’s what their customers are saying.

Ease of use for both business and customer, here’s what US customers of Square sellers have to say.

“The Square loyalty program does a great job in keeping us connected with our customers. It keeps them motivated to come in again and again and make purchases.”

Dieter Seelig

Owner, Craft + Carry
Bottle Shop & Taproom

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