The right tech makes a big difference.

Join the 100,000+ restaurants using the cloud-based Square POS platform and optimize every part of your restaurant.

Wait, Square has tech that’s just for restaurants?

That’s right. Restaurants need tech to help them take more orders more easily. So we built it. And because our POS is one complete platform, it’s easier to set up and use.

  • Give your customers more ways to order — online and in person.
  • Never miss a sale with offline mode.

Can your POS handle all the orders we get from different channels?

You see every order on one screen, so your front and back of house are always on the same page. More accurate orders mean more happy customers.

  • Sync menus (even online) with inventory and 86 items when you need to.
  • Manage orders from third-party apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash.

What about getting more diners in?

Our marketing tools make it easy to promote your latest menu, specials, and events, and our loyalty programs keep people coming back for more.

  • Send personalized texts and emails to customers with ease.
  • Start a loyalty program to turn customers into regulars.

We’re ready to expand. How can you help?

We can help you make big decisions as you grow. Your Square Dashboard has robust real-time data, so you can make moves when they make sense.

  • Open and manage owned and franchised locations.
  • Stay flexible and access your funds any time with instant transfers.

Why Square is worth the switch

Pay what you see.

No hidden fees in our pricing and a risk-free, 30-day trial with no long-term contracts required.

Easy for you and your staff

Get set up and train your staff in record time with easy and intuitive interfaces.

Ready for now and the future

Keep things running smoothly as you grow and integrate third-party apps as you need.


The Roadmap to Expansion: Insights from a Successful Owner

Hear from the Founder of Broad Street Oyster Co. on their journey from mobile business to six locations.

Real restaurants,
real peace of mind

Business partners (and brothers) Aaron and Jared Pool love how Square helps them track their online orders and keep regulars coming back.

“Once you log in to Square, it’s a happy place. As an owner you can go into your reports, your transactions; you know exactly what’s happening.”

— Jared Pool, co-owner, Gadzooks

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¹To be eligible for this promotion, your business must be new to Square and must process more than $750,000 in annual sales. Value of actual hardware received by eligible sellers may vary. Valid for Square customers located in the US only with a U.S. bank account. Square reserves the right to modify, revoke or cancel the offer at any time.