Square for Restaurants Feature Overview

Square for Restaurants

Front of House

Run your restaurant faster by streamlining front (and back) of house operations.

Table Maps: Set up, view, and assign checks to tables and seats.

Conversational Ordering: Set up your point of sale to take orders the way people talk.

Tabs: Create quick tabs that don’t affect cover counts.

Menu Management: Set up as many menus as you need, for as many locations and dayparts as you need. Create and manage them from anywhere.

Comps and Voids: Set up comps and voids, and, if desired, restrict access to specific staff.

Dining Options: Customize orders between For Here, Pickup, and Delivery.

Discounts: Set up discounts and flash sales such as Happy Hour, BOGO, or Friends & Family.

Seating: Track covers and assign items to seats for simple order entry and check splitting.

Auto-Progression: Enter orders with automated modifier prompts.

86ing: Synchronize and track item quantity across all points of sale, and let staff know when an item is out of stock.

Light Mode and Dark Mode: Switch between Light and Dark Modes to match your restaurant’s ambience, day and night.

Repeat Orders: Repeat a single drink, dish, or an entire course for faster order entry.

Ticket Reprints: Reprint order tickets and receipts.

Calculator: Access a quick calculator for on-demand number crunching.

Coursing: Course out meals with precision. Switch items between courses before sending them to the kitchen.

Turn Alerts: Track how long each table has been seated, and customize corresponding colors to prompt turns.

Automatic Gratuity: Automatically apply gratuity for large parties, or manually apply it on your own.

Firing and Holding: Control the pace of meals while keeping communication between servers and kitchen staff in sync.

Quick Splits: Split the bill in half, thirds, quarters, etc., with a single tap.

Refunds: Process refunds to checks as needed.

Caviar Integration: Accept and send out delivery and pickup orders from the same device, with Caviar built in. Coming soon.


Use reporting analytics to make better business decisions.

Cover Reports: See how many guests and covers you have in any daypart, by time period or by employee.

Shift Reports: Streamline end-of-day operations for staff with automatic cash owed reports and sales overviews.

Discount Reports: See total discounts broken down by individual groups, such as Employees or Friends & Family.

Modifier Sales: Review your gross sales by individual modifiers and modifier sets.

Revenue Center Reports: Review your sales split by floor plans as well as by revenue centers.

Labor Costing: Review your labor costing alongside sales reports to make more informed business decisions.

Custom Reports: Generate tailored reports to support your unique workflow and needs.

Taxable Sales: See your net sales broken down by taxable and non-taxable sales.

Comp and Void Reports: See how many comps and voids have been processed, and who processed them.

Employee Sales Reports: Review revenue-per-labor-hour reports, identify (and reward!) your most efficient employees, and see who closed which cash drawers.

Product Mix: View sales by category or by specific item.

Employee Management

Empower your employees with the right permissions and tools.

Timecards: Let employees clock in and out at the register. Edit hours as needed, from anywhere, and transfer them to Square Payroll.

Permissions: Give different employees (or roles) different levels of access to your point of sale and Square Dashboard.

Passcodes: Give employees their own passcodes to log in to your point of sale.

Assign Checks: Transfer checks between staff for accurate reporting and sales attribution.


Keep your business secure and your transactions efficient.

Offline Payments: Never miss a sale again. Accept payments without a connection in Offline Mode.

Next-Day Deposits: Get deposits as fast as the next business day, or choose Instant Deposit to get funds in seconds for 1% per deposit.

PCI Compliance: Square Secure provides industry-leading security with PCI-compliant systems included at no charge.

Catering Contracts: Access reliable tools to build your own catering contracts.

Disputes Management: Get up to $250 a month for eligible chargebacks.

Setup and Support

Square for Restaurants is seamless from day one. But if you need help, we offer one-on-one support through Square Implementation Services. For troubleshooting, reach out day or night with 24/7 Technical Support.

Quick and Simple Setup

You have everything you need to get started.

Take advantage of support materials and community resources as you set up and optimize Square for Restaurants.

Support Center >

  • Setup Guide
  • Walkthrough videos
  • Articles

Seller Community >

  • Tips from fellow restaurateurs
  • Live Q&A events
  • Webinars

Square Implementation Services

Paid, one-on-one support during setup.

A dedicated implementation expert will tailor implementation to your restaurant—everything from menu and floor plan setup to team training. Starting at $600.

Set up a free consultation >


  • Remote point-of-sale configuration
  • Onsite or remote implementation
  • Device and hardware configurations
  • Menu migration and development
  • Floor plan setup
  • Staff training and consulting


  • Onsite or remote tech support
  • Changes in business ownership
  • Employee or staffing changes

24/7 Technical Support

Free support by phone or email, anytime.

Our team of restaurant experts is here to answer your questions around the clock. Reach us at 855-700-6000 and retrieve your customer code here. You can also reach us online.


  • Account-level issues
  • Point-of-sale features and functions
  • Network or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Hardware Connections
  • Printer routing and connections
  • Payments and deposits
  • Receipts
  • Employee management
  • Customer Disputes

Customer Management

Customer Directory: Create and enhance existing customer profiles in your directory, so you always have their information on hand.

Card on File: Store and charge customer credit cards on file for more efficient transactions.

VIPs and Repeat Customers: Identify and reward your most loyal and frequent customers.

Import Customer Lists: Import your existing customer base in one click.

360° Order Histories: Get a 360° view of your customers’ full order histories.