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Manage all your devices from one place.

Save time and streamline your business.

Square Remote Device Management makes it easy to apply custom settings across multiple devices without having to set each one up manually. You can configure, monitor, and manage them all right from your Square Dashboard or point of sale.

Apply settings with just a few clicks.

An image of the device hub page on a user’s dashboard, listing out devices, battery, location, and activity. To the right is a diagram of locations – Main street, Third street, and Midtown have illustrations of devices underneath them.

See Square Remote Device Management at work.

Watch how your business can benefit from using remote device management to streamline applying and managing settings.

Make managing your devices a breeze.

Manage devices like points of sale, printers, kiosks, KDS devices, and POS applications without having to be physically present at each one.

Monitor your devices.

Keep tabs on your devices from anywhere using Square Dashboard, and easily see if any devices have a low battery or a critical issue.

Allow for easy logins.

Use device codes to assign devices to specific business locations, allowing staff to sign in to points of sale without needing account emails and passwords.

Create custom settings.

Customize settings for Checkout, Security, and Add-ons, and then easily apply those settings to the devices of your choosing.


  • All Square users use Local Settings to manage settings on their point of sale. Now, you can use Device Profiles to manage settings across your whole fleet of devices.

  • Square Remote Device Management is in beta and is rolling out gradually to all Square customers for free trial testing. Hold tight!

    You will be able to access RDM by logging into Dashboard, go to Settings, then Device Management. Here you’ll find the device hub, which shows you all of your devices. You’ll be able to create Device Profiles and monitor all your devices by selecting one of the tabs in the left-hand panel.  Once the beta is over, you will need to pay a fee to continue to access the feature.

  • All devices are supported in Remote Device Management.

  • Check out this video about Remote Device Management . More information can be found in the support articles here and here .

Square Remote Device Management is in beta and is rolling out gradually to all Square customers for free trial testing. 30 days before the beta ends, we’ll provide you with notice of our new pricing. At that time, in order to convert to the paid offering, you will need to add payment information and subscribe to Remote Device Management. If you choose not to subscribe, your access to Remote Device Management will expire.