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Solutions for every kind of business

Square can help any organization grow and improve its relationship with its customers. Take advantage of payments integrated with powerful tools in our free point of sale app and in premium POS solutions built from the ground up.

Square Point of Sale

Get started free with Square—setup is easy and you can add extra tools as you grow your business.

Square for Restaurants

Run your restaurant faster with menus, table layouts, cover counts, coursing, real-time reporting, and 24/7 support.

Square for Retail

Focus on selling and don’t sweat the small stuff with a POS built to handle thousands of items with advanced inventory management and margin reports.

Square Appointments

Integrate online scheduling and payment processing so you can manage your appointments and the rest of your business from a single app.

Powerful features in every point-of-sale solution

Know your customers better

Search your customer directory for past purchases and keep notes on every customer’s preferences to provide better overall service.

Get feedback before it gets away from you

Send digital receipts and have direct communication with customers to see how you’re doing in real time and resolve any issues privately.

Make smarter business decisions

Track best-selling items and categories and learn from hourly, daily, and weekly sales reports to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Streamline your checkout and focus on your customers

Arrange and access items in your point of sale to check out your customers faster and keep tabs on your stock from anywhere.

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