Square Online

Create a free online ordering page and save on delivery.

Use third-party couriers and pay no commissions with on-demand delivery.

Make $11 more per $50 order

Delivery marketplaces charge you an added 30% commission, or $15, per order. That means you’d keep $35 on a $50 order. With on-demand delivery, you only pay $1.50 per order + Square’s standard processing fee—so you’d keep $46 instead of just $35. That’s $11 more in your pocket.

Square Online

Save on every order with on-demand delivery

On-demand delivery is only $1.50 per order plus a delivery fee you can pass on to your customer.

Delivery via Postmates

$1.21 + 47¢/mi

per delivery*

Delivery via DoorDash


for deliveries up to 3-5 miles*

** Delivery prices in California are $4.50 + $1.53/mi” for CA for Postmates and $8.99 for DoorDash.

Reliable delivery with no marketplace commissions.

  • Choose delivery from DoorDash or Postmates
  • Build direct customer relationships by having customers order online directly from you
  • Deliver your entire menu—including alcohol—and let customers enjoy a complete dining experience at home
  • Subsidize delivery fees or offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount with flexible fee settings
  • Configure custom service fees to recoup costs associated with deliveries
  • Integrate Square Loyalty to let customers collect and redeem points on delivery orders

“Square Online’s on-demand delivery feature allowed us to quickly, affordably, and efficiently provide delivery options and keep our doors open.”

Chris Pastena, owner, Chop Bar

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Disclaimer: The scope of delivery options vary by jurisdiction. All sellers are encouraged to consult their retail permit and local laws to confirm whether off-premises delivery is permitted and if so for what types of beverages and under what conditions.

Nothing in this page constitutes legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you have questions about the sale and distribution of alcohol.