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Paycheck Protection Program

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, self-employed, a small business owner with employees, or an independent contractor, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) offers low-interest loans that may be 100% forgiven.

We’re no longer accepting new applications for PPP loans. Since the SBA will not be issuing funds after June 30, 2020, we’re now focused on processing and sending all applications to the SBA by then. If you have an application in progress, we’ve notified you by email about your application submission deadline.

Paycheck Protection Program and Square Capital at a glance

1% fixed interest rate

Fixed annual interest rate

Up to $2 million

Get up to 2.5x or 250% of your average monthly payroll expenses (or average monthly income for non-employers) + EIDL loan (net of advance)

Repayment deferral

All loan payments are deferred until your loan forgiveness decision date (or until about 16 months of receiving your loan if you don’t apply for forgiveness). Interest will accrue during this time.

Qualifying businesses

Sole proprietors, independent contractors, self-employed persons, and small businesses with fewer than 500 employees in operation since February 15, 2020

100% forgiveness

You can apply for full or partial loan forgiveness.*
Full forgiveness can be approved if:

  • Entire loan is used toward qualifying costs
  • At least 60% of the loan is used for qualifying payroll costs
  • And you either don’t lay off employees, or if you rehire employees by December 31, 2020

*Please note, in order to apply for loan forgiveness, you’ll need to document how you use the loan. Loan forgiveness does not happen automatically. We’re working on an easy loan forgiveness application and will notify you when it’s ready. No action is needed from you right now for loan forgiveness. Keep checking our Support Center article for updates.

How can these funds be used?

  • Payroll costs (salary, wages, commission, tips)

  • Employee benefits (healthcare and retirement benefits)

  • Mortgage interest payments (not including payments on the mortgage principal)

  • Rent

  • Utilities

Loans used to cover these costs will be 100% forgiven if at least 60% of the loan is used toward qualifying payroll costs and the rest of the loan is used toward the other uses listed here. If funds go toward any non-covered expenses, then that portion will not be forgiven.

We’re working on an easy loan forgiveness application and will notify you when it’s ready. No action is needed from you right now for loan forgiveness. Our Support Center article has more details about loan forgiveness. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest updates, or visit the SBA’s PPP website.

Start preparing to apply

Preparing your 2019 taxes or getting a payroll report from your payroll provider (if you have one) are the best things you can do ahead of time.

If you don’t have employees, you’ll need to have a prepared 2019 1040 Schedule C form to upload (your taxes don’t have to be filed yet). Whether you apply through Square Capital or with another lender, you’ll need the same documents and information.

Please note:

Make sure any numbers you enter in the application match your supporting documents exactly. It’s also important to upload the exact documents required during the application process. Incorrect documents could result in a delay of your application. For the most up-to-date requirements, visit the SBA website.

Determine if you are an employer or non-employer

You are an employer if you filed a W2 for at least one employee including yourself. You are a non-employer if your business didn’t file a W-2 for any employee including yourself.

Calculate your average monthly payroll or income

If you’re an employer, it’s payroll. Non-employers will calculate income.

Organize business and personal information

You’ll need things like your government ID, SSN, and EIN to complete the application.

Verify your business was operational on February 15, 2020

The PPP does not apply to businesses started after this date.

Confirm if you had employees on February 15, 2020

If you don’t employ anyone, your requirements will be different. Either way, the SBA needs to see documentation.

If you’ve applied for Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)

You are not eligible for a PPP Loan through Square Capital. Unfortunately, we are not able to support PPP borrowers who have previously received an EIDL.

What to expect from Square Capital

We’ve designed an easy, intuitive application experience:

  1. We’ll reach out via email and your Square Dashboard if you’re eligible to apply. Then you can complete the PPP loan application on your Square Dashboard.

  2. Applications will then be reviewed by Square Capital. Next, the Small Business Administration (SBA) reviews applications on their own timeline.

  3. If your application is approved by the SBA, funds will then be deposited into your linked bank account in 1 to 10 calendar days after SBA approval.

Frequently asked questions

Need more details? See our full PPP FAQ >

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