Square Payroll

Mobile payroll is here

Set up and pay your team on the go.

Full-service payroll built by Square.

Square Payroll is an all-in-one solution that works with every type of business. Here’s a glance at what you get with our online payroll service. Starts at $34 per month

  • Pay employees and contractors
  • Track employee hours
  • Import timecards and tips
  • Free payroll tax filings
  • Integated with Square POS
  • Offer health and other benefits

Fair, flexible pricing.

We believe in simple, up-front pricing with no hidden fees. You pay a $29 monthly subscription plus $5 per person you pay each month. That’s it.

$29 + $5

Monthly subscription + fee per person paid

Only paying contractors? There’s no subscription fee–it’s just $5 per contractor per month.

Download the Square Payroll App

Pay your team from anywhere with our app
The Square Payroll app lets you manage and run payroll from your Apple or Android phone. In a few taps you can import timecards and send payments—at no extra cost.

Run payroll anytime, anywhere.

Setup your account in minutes.