Joe & the Juice

Joe and the Juice is an international coffee and juice chain that prioritizes the importance of living a healthy life filled with aspiration and meaning. Founded by Kaspar Basse in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2002, the company has made a name for itself with its unique culture of youth spirit, quick international growth, and freshly made, healthy, delicious products.


  • Joe and the Juice was looking for a new point-of-sale terminal for its U.S. launch.
  • It wanted a reliable wireless terminal that didn’t need to be built from scratch but could still be customized, and it found the solution in the Square Reader SDK.
  • Square’s built-in tipping function was a new feature for the company, and it greatly improved employee tips.
  • Joe and the Juice now has over 51 stores in the U.S., each with at least two custom points of sale built with the Reader SDK on iOS.

“Square was a bit more startup-like. It was easy to get started and not so heavily bound. The process was a lot easier.”

- Kasper Borst, US Director

Joe and the Juice was (and still is) quickly expanding in the U.S. Never one to let an opportunity to improve and explore pass it by, Joe and the Juice decided it wanted to upgrade its point of sale. Its previous point of sale was difficult to set up, required wired-in hardware, and had activity issues.

After a bit of research, it stumbled upon Square and quickly turned to the Square Reader SDK to build a native iOS app. With the Reader SDK, Joe and the Juice did not have to build a payment flow from scratch, nor did it have to worry about building or getting hardware. Instead it was able to use Square hardware for both swipe and chip credit card payments, and the SDK allowed it to seamlessly connect to hardware via Bluetooth instead of being wired in.

Additionally, Joe and the Juice could programmatically build upon and configure Square’s existing payment flow. Square’s prebuilt tipping functionality, in particular, caught its attention. The previous point of sale had required customers to manually enter a tip, which hardly anyone did. Square’s prebuilt tipping flow, however, made it easy to set a few custom tipping options, which in turn led to more customers leaving tips.

In just over a month, Joe and the Juice was able to build a fully functioning and customized point of sale with sleek Square hardware for its U.S. launch. Today you can find its custom point of sale across its U.S. stores.

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