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Vend is POS software, inventory management, eCommerce, and customer loyalty for advanced and multilocation retailers. Easily manage and grow your business in the cloud.

Top Benefits

Save time with advanced inventory management features

Staff can look up stock levels for any location, instantly, from the point of sale. Managers can perform inventory counts, or transfer and return items between stores and warehouses. Make more money from your most profitable products

Adjust reorder points to automate restocking and increase turnover rate.

Enter cost prices to track margins so you can easily sell more of your best-performing products. Manage all your locations and channels from one place

Easily add stores, warehouses, or online sales channels.

Customize staff permissions, tax rates, and time zones. Update products and prices everywhere in real time. Centralize your customer loyalty program and redeem gift cards in the store or online.

Get actionable insights to increase your bottom line

View real-time charts on key indicators, or easily build custom sales and inventory reports to drill down into your best products, customers, staff, brands, and more, right across your business.



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