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Shopventory is an advanced inventory optimization, business intelligence, and sales reporting service. Shopventory’s web-based solution lets you know your profit margin across time period, item, or category.

Top Benefits

Easily manage kits, bundles, recipes, and ingredients

Great for gift shops, restaurants, liquor stores, and more. Track packaged units and their individual components.

Powerful reporting tools

Get better insights. See information down to individual lot costs, and know how your inventory has changed over time.

Accurate stock forecasting

Know what to buy and when to buy it. Shopventory’s prediction feature uses your sales history to tell you how much time you have left with an item.

Expert-level support, on the house

The Shopventory team will work with you to make sure that your inventory is the last thing you worry about.


“This app has been a game changer for me. It's very user friendly and syncs between my eCommerce and Square flawlessly. All of my reports are in one place. For everything that I am getting with this app and its ease of use, it is worth every penny!”

Rubies Whimsy LLC

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