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Looking to get more out of your Square POS system? SalesVu offers a range of free apps to help you maximize your existing Square services. Check out the different SalesVu integrations available.

Top Benefits

Free self-order kiosk and kitchen display bundle

Bust lines by giving customers the ability to place orders with the OrderUp app by SalesVu. Kiosk orders from the OrderUp app are routed directly to the Square POS as well as the Incoming Kitchen Display app to help you streamline your order and kitchen workflow and go completely paperless.

Free smartphone ordering app with your brand

SalesVu integrations can increase profits by making a smartphone available to your customers to place orders that appear directly in your Square Point of Sale for pickup or delivery.

Free table service app

Ready to add table service? SalesVu POS gives you access to easy table management and split-by-seat functionality, while keeping the same Square hardware and rates you currently have. This POS connects with a complete SMS-based waitlist management system to help you notify walk-in customers when their table is ready and allow them to browse the menu while they wait.


“SalesVu iPad POS system provides the best tools to manage our restaurant!”

20 Feet Seafood Joint


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