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Streamline your point of sale process! Enable your customers to order and pay on their own with an iPad kiosk.

Top Benefits

KioskBuddy allows business owners to transform an iPad into an intuitive self-service ordering experience for their customers. KioskBuddy integrates with your existing Square account. Once an account is linked, KioskBuddy allows you to import your Square Item Library to be used as a menu for your kiosk. After some quick setup, your customers can use an iPad to order and pay for items. The payment checkout flow is all handled by Square, and all of the payment transaction info is sent back to your Square account and is manageable from your Square dashboard.


Simple Setup - It only takes a few minutes to create your account and set up an iPad as a self-order kiosk.

Square Integration - Item catalogs are imported directly from your Square account and transactions are synced back to your Square dashboard. All payments are processed through Square, maintaining PCI compliance and security.

Real-time Menu Editor - You can manage and update any categories, items, and modifiers in the kiosk menu in real-time. Run out of stock for an item? Just update its visibility and you’re good to go!

Real-time Analytics - You can track metrics and perform analytics in real-time, with access to data like the total sales, total item sales, your best selling items, and more!

Customizable Look and Feel - You can customize the cosmetics and styling of your kiosk, such as customizable colors, kiosk name, and kiosk logo.

Square Category and Item Time Control - Set time ranges and days of the week for the availability of your categories and items. Your menu will automatically be reflected to accommodate anything you may serve at different time periods or certain days.

Receipt Printer Support - KioskBuddy supports a large variety of receipt printer models to match business needs.

Square Category Printer Control - KioskBuddy allows you to set which categories you want sent to a specific printer.

Individual Receipts - KioskBuddy allows you to print individual receipts for use cases like labels for drink orders.

Fresh KDS Integration - KioskBuddy supports connectivity to Fresh KDS letting you send orders directly to an iPad or tablet.