How to Run Your Business Anywhere with Square, Weebly, and Google Cloud [VIDEO]

If you own a business, chances are you’re a multitasking pro — and you’re never working in just one place. That’s why Square joined up with Weebly, Google Cloud, and General Assembly to discuss how to run your business anwhere. (You can watch Square seller Katie Raquel run her business while skydiving here.)

As a part of Weebly’s summer event series, General Assembly hosted events across the U.S. to educate sellers on e-commerce and how to take your businesses online. They were joined by a panel of small business owners to discuss online integration, marketing, and being entrepreneurs in a digital world.

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During the event they discussed:

  • How to integrate and automate your business with online tools
  • How to sell to big (and smaller) retailers
  • Their favorite tips and tricks for brand-building social media and marketing
  • Understanding your customers and finding a new audience

You can watch the events from New York and San Francisco here:

NY Live Stream

Panelists: Dharma Yoga Wheel, Art by Megan, Farmstead Apothecary, Roberson Collection

SF Live Stream

Panelists: Figs and Feathers Farm, Katie’s Coldpress, A Jar of Pickles

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