How to Make Sure Your Salon Gets Good Online Reviews

salon owner with customer
In the salon business, word of mouth is everything. And in such a competitive industry, maintaining your reputation is key. A stellar reputation not only helps you get those coveted in-person recommendations but also translates to great online reviews.

Online reviews are one of the first things that consumers look at when they’re searching for a salon. Thirty-six percent of consumers are likely to seek out online reviews when they’re looking to try a new salon, according to our survey of 1,800 U.S. consumers.

The survey, which focused on how people discover new salons and why they recommend them, also found that when people look for reviews, 40 percent of people look for the most recent review first. And while 28 percent look at positive reviews first, 20 percent look to negative reviews first.

With that in mind, it’s critical that you regularly get lots of reviews and that they’re positive.

Not sure if you’re setting yourself up for positive reviews? Start by answering these five questions.

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  • Do you have a process to remind your customers about upcoming appointments?
    Forty percent of surveyed customers say that even something small like an appointment reminder really sets salons apart from the rest. It shows you’re thinking ahead and looking forward to your customer’s visit. And it shows you’re not trying to trick them with sneaky no-show fees.
  • Is your salon squeaky clean?
    With cleanliness, or lack thereof, being one of the top factors that prompt customers to write a negative review, make sure to prioritize cleaning every day.

Things that are most likely to make people write a good review of a salon:

  • Is your staff helpful and kind?
    A whopping 60 percent of surveyed customers said a rude or inattentive staff is a big factor in giving a negative review. When hiring, look for employees who share your passion for the salon industry. Emphasize how important customer service is and only hire staff that meet your standards.
  • Do you treat your customers like royalty?
    Customers see their salon visit as a time to do something for themselves and be pampered. Providing beverages, snacks, or other amenities can shape customers’ impression of your salon. If you have product samples, give them out. Customers love to sample a product before committing, and providing samples can increase sales in the long run.

Things that are most likely to make people write a bad review of a salon:

  • Do you respond to customer reviews, positive and negative?
    If you happen to receive a less-than-favorable review, don’t panic. Responding to negative (and positive) feedback shows customers that you care and are engaged. It can also be an opportunity to reengage with a customer who had a bad experience and offer them incentives or show them great customer service to change their mind

Not sure which review sites to focus on? The biggest group of consumers (28 percent) says that Google Reviews is their favorite source for online reviews. This figure is higher among Gen Z, with 41 percent of customers from that generation saying that Google Reviews is their favorite review source. When customers search for salons in their area, they’re automatically shown the reviews those salons got on Google Reviews.

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you’re doing everything right! Staying on top of your business and learning what your customers expect for a superior salon experience sets you up for success.

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