A community café.

Charlie and Melanie Porter discovered their mutual love for café culture on their second date. They thought “if we could do anything in the world, what would we do?” The dream was to open a family-friendly, community-oriented café. They found an underserved neighborhood in Pasadena, California, and the locals swarmed to Lavender & Honey in 2014.

The perfect fit

Lavender & Honey has a bright, upscale vibe, and Melanie keeps it going day to day. She thinks the Square Stand is the ideal complement to her shop’s brand. She also says that Square is a great conversation starter with her patrons. “Customers are very impressed by Square. It looks clean. It looks inviting. They think ‘okay, this is a new, exciting, modern shop.’ We’re taken more seriously.”

Using Square gives Melanie’s customers a better experience and her staff likes it, too. She says it’s easy to train her employees to use the app—it’s “very user friendly and they’re able to quickly navigate my menu so we can speed up lines. You make it easy for us to provide better customer service.”

Melanie also likes Square for the reliability of both its software and payment schedule. “We never have to worry about our POS system crashing, we never have to worry about any glitches in the system, and I don’t have to ever question whether my funds are going to be in my account the next business day.”

Data she can count on.

Square collects analytics that Melanie uses to improve her business. “I’m able to look at real-time sales data anytime, anywhere. If I’m not in the office, I actually keep my Square Dashboard up on my phone. I check almost hourly because I’m able to augment my business by making different decisions that benefit our sales for the day.”

“Time is money”

After she closes up shop, Melanie uses Square sales reports to resolve her books for the day. “The revenue reports are so easy to use, I’m able to do my accounting in less than five minutes per day. And with that time, time is money. I'm able to go and improve other areas of my business.”

Tracking sales over time lets Melanie really maximize her profits. “Revenue is the most important thing for a growing company to analyze. You have to know your trends and figure out what people are actually buying.”

You speak. Square Support listens.

Whenever Melanie needs assistance from Square, the Support team is there for her. “I’ve called Square customer support a handful of times. Any issue I’ve had they’ve been able to resolve very quickly. You actually talk to a real person and they are extremely knowledgeable about the product.”

And that’s not all. Square values feedback from customers to improve the product. Melanie noticed. “When I tell them we need Square’s report to look or function like this, I’ve actually seen changes. Now whether that’s because of me, I don’t know, but I feel like the Square representatives really care about improving the system.”

Square is meant for merchants of all sizes

Melanie started her business with Square, and Square is ready to keep growing with her, delivering on whatever she needs. “I feel that Square is really a champion for small businesses. They empower me to make good business decisions, and I just feel like I'm so lucky to have them because they've made my life much easier.”

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