Doing it for themselves.

Lindsay and Kallie Wesley graduated from college into an economy where no one was hiring. The sisters put their heads together and realized they could execute their own creative vision. They thought it would take years to build a business plan, but a beautiful little space opened up in Tampa, Florida, and they decided to dive in head first. Juxtapose was born, and now they sell everything from women’s clothing to accessories, artwork, and home furnishings.

Making it easy

When they first opened, the sisters used a different point-of-sale system. They say it was confusing and expensive. “We didn’t know that we had signed on two merchant processing accounts when we had one store. We were paying double the fees and we never even knew until we went to go cancel.”

They were canceling their account because their old POS went down during the holidays, their busiest time of year. They describe Square as “really user friendly. They do a great job of making everything super-simple.” Taking payments, training employees, getting paid—“it’s super-straightforward. Square feels like a partner in our business.”

Kallie appreciates that Square is continually developing new tools that help make running Juxtapose easier. “They’re evolving with us rather than being this stagnant point-of-sale system. They launch new features and you realize they’re going be timesavers. So we’re kind of growing together.”

Know more. Sell more.

One of Lindsay’s favorite features from Square is the sales analytics. “We see what sells the fastest and then that’s what we bring in the most, so it has the most turnover.” Kallie agrees. “It’s helped us know what to order. We can tell when we’re selling more at what time and what day and you can break it down as much as you want.”

Their favorite feed to follow

Both sisters admit to checking the analytics every ten minutes or so. Kallie might check a little more, “probably too much to be healthy. I can just check on my iPhone and see what both stores are doing at the exact time in real time. ”

“We know we’re most busy from 10:00 to 3:00, that’s the time Kallie and I want to make sure we’re in the stores.” It’s also great to keep tabs on things when they’re out and about. Lindsay likes that they can spend time on the rest of the business, not bound to either location. “I think it allows you to be there without having to physically be there.”

Square Capital and the Sundial Store.

Kallie and Lindsay enjoyed a successful three years in Tampa, and they wanted to expand to a new location in St. Petersburg. The only question was how to finance the new store. They went to banks thinking that their sales history would be enough to earn a small business loan, but they were turned away. Then they were offered a Square Capital cash advance.

The pair accepted the offer at 6:00 p.m. and the money was in their bank account the next morning. Lindsay likes that they don’t “have to write a check back. It just automatically pays back on its own. I never have to think about it. I just do business as usual and go about my day. It’s not a bill owed.”

A boost for business and morale

Kallie appreciates Square’s confidence in Juxtapose. “They were saying ‘We’ve seen your growth and we believe in you and here’s some capital.’ So it was awesome. It allowed us to have more employees, tailor our buying, do the build out, and, yeah, open the second store.” Lindsay agrees. “To have someone believe in our business besides the two of us is huge.”

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