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Square Stand Restaurant Station

with Square Reader for contactless and chip, Dock for Square Reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, kitchen printer, and paper

Square Stand Restaurant Station
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A complete point-of-sale station with integrated payments. The included Square Stand for contactless and chip, Square Reader for contactless and chip, and Dock for Square Reader can be used with 10.2” iPad (2020, 2019), 10.5” iPad Air (2019), and iPad Pro 10.5".

What’s included:

  • Square Stand for iPad (2020, 2019), iPad Air (2019), and iPad Pro 10.5"
  • 16 in. Printer-Driven Cash Drawer
  • Ethernet Kitchen Printer
  • Kitchen printer paper (25 rolls)
  • Receipt Printer Paper (25 Rolls)
  • USB Receipt Printer
  • CHIP (EMV)



The Square Stand included with this kit supports the following iPads: iPad (8th generation 2020) 

iPad (7th generation 2019)

iPad Air (3rd generation 2019) 

iPad Pro 10.5"

To use Square Stand with one of the below iPads, you must purchase the compatible Square Stand separately. iPad (6th generation 2018) iPad (5th generation 2017) iPad Pro 9.7" iPad Air 2 (2014) iPad Air (1st generation 2013)

Payment types

EMV chip cards NFC contactless cards Apple Pay Google Pay Samsung Pay Magnetic-stripe cards


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