Square POS Rentals

Process payments at every kind of event.

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Whether you’re expecting 50 attendees or 50,000, Square point-of-sale rentals allow you to accept credit cards, cash, checks, and contactless payments—at stations or on the move.

Small and medium-size events

With Square, you can be up and running in minutes, and smaller event teams can be trained very quickly. And for every payment processed, funds arrive as soon as the next business day.

  • Cultural Festivals & Fairs
  • Fundraisers & Galas
  • Farmers Markets & Sales
  • Food & Beverage Tastings

Large events

If you’ve got crowds to contend with, we’ll make sure you can process payments quickly and keep lines moving. We can also help with consumer insights, staff training, inventory setup, and employee management.

  • Concerts & Sporting Events
  • Pop-ups & Openings
  • Conventions & Tradeshows
  • Music Festivals & Fairs

Square point-of-sale solutions

Choose your POS hardware and accessories—and a compatible device—then download the free Square Point of Sale app and start taking payments.

Square hardware

Use Square Reader for contactless and chip, slip it into Dock for Square Reader to keep it anchored, or connect an iPad to Square Stand.


Support your payment setup with a bar code scanner, cash box, USB printer for receipts, or an L7 Case for roaming sales.


Square hardware is compatible with iPad Air and iPad mini. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection at your event space, we can provide you with a data package so you can accept payments.

Square services

Tell us about your event’s payment processing needs. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.


Rent four or more units, get fast and reliable deposits, and take advantage of free, advanced sales reports.

Setup and training

We can connect you with one of our partners, who can help with account setup, installation, and training onsite.

Custom solutions

Work with us to develop a payments system that’s just right for your specific festival, event, or venue.


Invoice your suppliers and clients.

Learn more about Square Invoices


What types of payments can be processed with Square hardware rentals?

With Square hardware and the Square Point of Sale app, you can process debit and credit cards (magstripe and chip) and contactless payments. You can even accept good old-fashioned cash. Learn more about Square Point of Sale and Square payments.

Do I need Wi-Fi at my venue to use Square?

No, you can rent iPads with 4G LTE data or process payments in Offline Mode.*

What’s the minimum Square hardware rental order for event payment processing?

Four iPads with Square Stands or Square Readers for contactless and chip. If you’re looking for fewer than four units, you’ll need to purchase them here.

Do you have special rental rates for nonprofit groups?

Yes, there’s a field in the request form for nonprofits.

How much does it cost to rent Square hardware?

Please fill out the request form and someone will reach out shortly with a quote.

Can I test out Square hardware before I buy it?

Sure, just fill out the request form and someone will reach out to discuss.

Are there other companies involved in order fulfillment?

Yes, orders are fulfilled through Square’s hardware rental partner, Flying Connected.

Do you offer onsite support for event payment processing?

Yes, we can put you in touch with one of our partners who can help with installation and support at your event.

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