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A point of sale for apparel that fits your business.

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Over $100 million in apparel sales with Square to date.

Sell clothing from behind the counter, out on the floor, or online with an apparel point of sale from Square. Create your own items, track all your inventory, and see money in your account as fast as the next business day.

Our staff finds Square intuitive to use and has seen great benefits from the smart tipping feature.

Kiya Babzani, Self Edge

The point of sale that works it.

Your apparel point-of-sale kit is well suited for any sale. It’s just a few clicks away and comes complete with a receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner, and the stylish Square Stand.

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The app that helps you move your merchandise.

Download the Square Point of Sale app free. Take payments, calculate tax automatically, and simplify your books with real-time analytics that are always backed up.

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  • Personalize receipts and get feedback from your customers.
  • Accept and keep track of cash, checks, or any other payment.
  • Set custom taxes and discounts.
  • Create Point of Sale menu items for every piece of clothing.
Never miss a sale and get paid fast.

Pay the same low rate of 2.75% when you swipe, dip, or tap any card. Send invoices for wholesale purchases, post custom items online, and see money in your account the next business day.

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Labels for your clothing.

Create menu items for the clothing you sell. Get email alerts when anything is running low, know how much you have in stock, and make sure you never miss a sale.

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Sell clothes online, in store, and everywhere in between

Stitch Labs is an inventory management solution that allows you to easily track stock across Square and your other sales channels.

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Sending beautiful email to customers is now a cinch.

Square’s Customer Engagement software creates and adds to a customer directory that can be sorted into loyal, casual, and lapsed customers. With our professionally designed templates, sending out email promotions to different groups of customers takes less time than it does to refold a stack of sweaters. The results of the campaign (how many people visited, average spend, etc.) are all right in your Square Dashboard.

Private feedback you can work with

Get feedback directly from customers via digital receipts with Square Feedback. You can respond directly and, if needed, send promotions or discounts to increase your odds of repeat business.

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Sell online with a click.

Start selling your clothing online with a simple setting in Square Dashboard. Set up your online store right away.

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Invoice the whole sale.

If anyone makes a big clothing order online or over the phone, send an invoice free from your Point of Sale app or Square Dashboard and still pay only 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice paid online. Customers get an email that’s easy to pay by credit card, and you see money in your account the next business day.

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Square Dashboard: Sales data you can count on.

Keep an eye on your shop from anywhere. Go to square.com from any laptop, sign in to your Square Dashboard, and see real-time sales reports that help you grow your business.

Sell more with Square

See your complete sales history on simple charts and graphs—know what sells, and when, so you can move more merchandise and raise your bottom line.

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Manage every member of your team

Set up staff accounts, and give key team members limited access to Point of Sale so they can reply to feedback or issue refunds. Track individual employee performance to know who’s doing the best job.

Good business is all about connections.

Linking your Square account to other trusted pieces of software you use for accounting, analytics, or inventory is simple. And we’re always adding new partners.

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