Square Pickup

Pick up a new pre-order system.

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Open your free online store

Bring your business to customers everywhere with your free online store from Square.

Turn customers into regulars

With your menu on the web and at their fingertips, customers can order wherever they are.

Ready for your counter

Accept pickup orders online with your Square account or with the free Square Register app.

Just 2.75% per order

Pay 2.75% per pickup order and see payments in your bank account in one to two business days.


Sell in advance. Sell more.

Grow your business by selling before your customers arrive. You get a free Square site and your customers get a convenient way to order online.

Easy for customers

Pickup orders remove a step from the checkout process. Customers pay and tip on their way in, so they can quickly grab their order and go.

Easy for your business

When you accept more orders, you accept more sales. Optimize your peak hours, know when to prepare for the rush, and get the most out of your business day.

No change to your point of sale.

Start accepting pickup orders right away. Simply add the products you sell to your free online site, then you’re ready to go.

Quickly set up your menu

Turn on pre-orders in minutes. Set up modifiers for the products you sell online, so your customers can order exactly what they want.

Learn more about selling online

Instantly connect hardware

Connect a kitchen ticket printer to your iPad or plug it into the USB hub on your Square Stand.

Learn more about Square Stand

Keep the line moving.

Set up employees to handle pickup just like any other order.

Business as usual

When customers order for pickup, the order is sent to both your online account and Square Register app. Set pickup times and print tickets for your existing workflow.

Perfect timing

Customers get automatic updates so they can pick up their order right when it’s ready. Send a note if you have to change or cancel.


Pickup orders work really well for us because they integrate with our normal flow. Employees can just accept the order real quick, it goes into queue, it isn’t divergent from what we normally do.

Matt Wright, Co-Founder Brew & Brew

Nearly 10,000 businesses across the U.S. offer items for pickup to their customers


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