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Change your payroll provider in three easy steps.

We’ll do all the necessary paperwork so you can easily switch. Tell us a bit about your business and employees, and we’ll get you set up.

  1. Tell us about your business

    We need your business name, bank account number, and routing number.

  2. Tell us about your employees

    Choose how often you pay your employees, and whether you’d like them to set up their own logins.

  3. Tell us about your last payroll provider

    Simply select your previous payroll provider or tell us how you paid employees and we’ll take care of the rest.

We take care of every little detail.

Our team handles all your federal and state payroll taxes including withholdings, payments, and filings. Don’t risk it on your own—we can help you avoid errors and fines.

  • Payroll tax supporters on call to help you avoid costly errors.
  • Import employee timecard hours with one click.
  • Overtime and double-time hours automatically calculated.

See how much you can save.

Confidently switch to Square Payroll knowing there are no long-term commitments and no surprise fees.

Contractors only

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Employees and contractors

subscription per month

per employee or contractor per month

You’re charged per team member you pay each month. Pay them as many times as you need each month at no additional cost.


It’s just so easy to use. All the paperwork and taxes are taken care of. It really is the whole package.

Steve Z., Three Steves Winery

The best time to switch is now.

Switch to Square Payroll now and start the new year fresh. You also won’t have to import your prior year of payroll data if you make the switch before the end of the year.

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