Payroll tools for employees

Easy payroll for employees and contractors, too.

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Employees and contractors set themselves up.

Square Payroll automatically invites your employees and contractors to set up their own accounts. They receive an email to create their login, set up direct deposit, and fill out their W-4.

24/7 access

Employees can sign in to their account at any time to manage their W-4 or review pay stubs.

Employees and contractors clock in and out at your register.

Timecards are fully integrated with Square Payroll, and your employees and contractors clock in and out right from the Square app on your iPad. To run payroll, simply transfer their hours with one click.

Edit timecards anytime

Sign in to your Square Dashboard online to see who’s on the clock. Review, edit, and approve your team’s hours anytime, anywhere.

Passcode protection

Employees and contractors are given their own unique passcodes, keeping your time records secure and accurate.

Payday perfected.

Pay your team quickly and accurately for a job well done.

Emailed pay stub

After each pay period, employees and contractors who are enrolled in direct deposit receive an email with their net pay amount.

Check, please

For anyone who doesn’t have an email or a bank account, Square Payroll handles the calculations and taxes, making it easy for you to cut a check.

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