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Donate to the campaigns you care about – with a Tweet

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Since starting Square, we’ve worked to build tools that help individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations earn money and raise funds. In 2010, one of our first Square customers was a House congressional campaign in Missouri. And in 2012, presidential campaigns toted Square to rallies and events across the country to accept donations from supporters via credit card.

As more and more conversations happen online, Twitter is a natural venue for politicians to fundraise from their constituents and fans. This is why we’re happy to announce we’ve teamed up with Twitter. Whether you’re talking about an issue that matters to you or a candidate you support, anyone in the U.S. can make a donation to the cause as easily as participating in the conversation.

How it Works for Campaigns
* Candidates can sign up for an account through Square Cash by visiting , selecting “Business” account, and then e-mailing to notify Square of their registration. 
* Once a campaign has been verified by Square, it can Tweet its unique URL, or $Cashtag, to request donations from supporters.
* The Tweet will automatically include an image with a “contribute” button, making it easy for anyone to click to donate directly within the Tweet.

How it Works for Donors
* When you see a Tweet containing a candidate’s $Cashtag and hit the “contribute” button, the Tweet will enable you to select a dollar amount and add your debit card and FEC-required information.
* You'll then have the option to Tweet the candidate’s $Cashtag to your followers.

With Twitter, Square Cash is the fastest, easiest way to make a campaign contribution online. Whether you’re a Presidential candidate or running for local government, Twitter and Square Cash offer tools to make it easier than ever for campaigns to reach more donors and meet their fundraising goals.