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Square Dashboard

Your new business headquarters.

Square Dashboard

Keep your business at your fingertips

Sign in to your Square Dashboard from any computer to access important data and powerful tools from anywhere.

Insights at a glance

Real-time reports show you hourly sales by location. Compare your daily business over time and see how you can sell more.

More business intelligence tools

Import groups of items for easy inventory management, set employee permissions, and customize your online store.

Securely stored in the cloud

All your data is monitored and maintained by a dedicated security staff so your business history stays secure.

Know your business better with free reports.

Square Dashboard provides quick insights and advanced sales reports. It’s business intelligence software that comes free with your Square account.

Keep your eyes on the bottom line
See all your transactions and deposits easily. Track the progress of every invoice—see the clients who owe you money, and know who’s already paid.

Data made digestible
Square Analytics is designed to make your numbers easy to understand. No need to hunt through spreadsheets—Square Analytics breaks it down so you can add it up quickly.

Download the free Dashboard app to see your sales from anywhere.

The Square Dashboard app gives you real-time sales data on your iOS device. Compare sales by time across multiple locations and always know which items are the hottest sellers.

Do more business from your Dashboard.

Square Dashboard gives you more than just reports. Take payments with Square Virtual Terminal, manage your inventory, create customer promotions, book appointments, and more.

Send invoices online
Discounts and taxes
Start selling gift cards
Virtual Terminal
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