How Nail Me! nail salon in Dublin takes 100% of bookings via Instagram using Square Appointments.

Business Overview

Nail Me! founder Jo Simpson fell in love with nail artistry. After many successful years in various nail salons, she decided to go it alone and set up her own business. Just a few months into the new venture, the business is performing better than expected. Her calendar is full, bookings work seamlessly, and she doesn’t have to worry about the administration, all thanks to Square Appointments.

100% of Jo’s bookings are made online via a ‘Book Now’ button on Instagram, which links to the online booking site powered by Square Appointments. At the click of a button, clients can select their preferred date and time and secure their appointments with Jo whenever and wherever is most convenient for them. In fact, Jo realised that most bookings are made in the later hours at night between 10 and 11pm, when clients are winding down for the day.

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The Challenge

Creating a way for clients to make –and keep – appointments has been a challenge for Jo everywhere she has worked. Taking appointments in person or by phone was time-consuming, so having a system that could also help with other administrative tasks she didn’t enjoy doing, such as calculating wages and taxes, would be a bonus.

When she started on her own, this was a major consideration. Jo needed an appointment management system that would eliminate the need to manually message clients back and forth about their appointments. Instead, she wanted clients to be able to manage their own appointments from beginning to end.

The Solution: Square Appointments

Thanks to a referral from a barbershop in Dublin, Jo started using Square Appointments when she opened her first nail salon in Spring 2023.

Clients book, cancel and reschedule from Square Appointments, and it’s completely hands-off for her. With clients managing their schedules, Jo has more time to focus on the creative part of the business she loves – doing nails.

‘I’ve handed over the reins to my clients, and they have everything they need in my online booking site to make appointments, cancel appointments and reschedule appointments without me having to get involved. That has taken so much stress off me.’

Square also sends email and text confirmations and reminders for appointments. Jo says this process is so foolproof that she hasn’t had a single no-show while using Square Appointments.

From a business standpoint, reports make it easy for Jo to view her VAT, recorded services and overall numbers. She can send those reports to her accountant for easy book-keeping and tax preparation. Square is Jo’s all-in-one appointments point-of-sale solution for managing her business, and she loves that it’s easy to understand and use.

Square Terminal

Now, she manages bookings, client information and payments all from Square Terminal. If she needs to adjust or edit one of her client’s bookings, she can accomplish that on the payment terminal and then simply check people out directly from the terminal, too.

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Client Feedback

‘About 3 clients per week now tell me how easy it is to make an appointment, and these are clients who are using multiple booking systems to make appointments for their hair, waxing and nails. They keep telling me that they love using Square Appointments to make a booking. It’s the easiest one to use.’

How It’s Going

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