Square Starter Kit - Set up quickly and save 20%

Starter Kit

Introducing the Square Starter Kit

It’s more important than ever that businesses save where they can, particularly when it comes to buying new hardware and software.

But it’s not just money that’s in short supply when you run your own business. From keeping track of inventory to processing payments, growing your customer base, there are countless things to keep on top of. So what if there was a way to tick all these time-sucking tasks off your to-do list, without breaking your budget?

Step forward to the Square Starter Kit. If you’re hunting for your first-ever point-of-sale system or switching from your current provider, it makes running a business simple, allowing you to focus on the things you’re good at. And, with 20% off hardware and software, it’s a welcome bundle that’s perfect for today’s challenging economic climate.
Featuring sleek hardware that lets you take payments in-store, it also has free Point of Sale software and you can choose software that lets you set up a website so you can sell online, email marketing to grow your business and loyalty software to thank your regulars. It then syncs it all seamlessly to one easy-to-use dashboard.
You can build your Square Starter Kit with the hardware, add-ons and products that suit your business the best – the ones that let you scale up your operation and start interacting with your customers, wherever they are. And because you’re only paying for what you really need, it saves you money, too.
Want to grow your business, while saving time and money on hardware and software that all work together? Ready to set up quickly and save 20%? Then read on to find out more.

Why Square?

From retail to restaurants, pop-up stalls to coffee shops, businesses who want to take payments and manage day-to-day operations choose Square because its Point of Sale software is totally free.
An integrated solution with one provider, Square also sells payment terminals that work with its software seamlessly, such as card terminals and the all-in-one register.
The hardware and free Point of Sale software are ideal for taking your business to the next level as they let you make mobile, retail and e-commerce transactions with ease. But Square does more than just take the pain out of payments. Square Marketing and Square Loyalty help you grow your business and reward your customers for coming back.
Square Online lets you build a website and start selling online, without having to track your online and offline sales separately. It’s a great way to grow your business, but it also gives you the kind of growth you can see and measure. That’s because Square POS, Square Online, Square Loyalty and Square Marketing also offer automatic and easy-to-read sales reports that show you how each product is directly contributing to your bottom line. You choose which add-on is right for your business.

It’s a simple, fully integrated, 360º view of your business making it easier to process more sales, track your business performance and optimise by channel.

What’s in the Square Starter Kit?

Square is consistently rated as one of the best-value POS systems around. But get the Square Starter Kit and you’ll be running and growing your business in a more affordable way than ever.

Free Square POS softwareSquare POS is included for free in your starter kit and is already built into all Square hardware. It’s easy to use and customisable for every kind of business. You only pay when you take a card payment, so there are no monthly software subscription fees, commitments or long-term contracts to worry about.

20% off your chosen hardware – Pick a hardware solution that best fits your needs and save 20%. Choose between a fully integrated point-of-sale system like Square Register (the one with two screens, one for you and one for your customer) or an all-in-one device for payments and receipts like Square Terminal (the hand-held device from which you can run your entire business).

20% off additional software – Enhance your POS and grow your customer base with either Square Loyalty, Square Marketing or Square Online. Turn walk-ins into regulars with a customer loyalty programme that doesn’t require any extra devices or hassle. Easy to set up, and all within Square. It only takes a few minutes to set up your customer loyalty programme or to send a beautifully-designed email to a specific customer group with Square Marketing. All products live fully within Square and are powered by your customer data.

Why get the Square Starter Kit?

Starting a business is hard. Growing one can be even harder. But the great value Square Starter Kit makes it easier and more affordable than ever to set up and scale.
Want to take payments, integrate an online store, track sales, manage inventory and generate reports? The Square Starter Kit can do all this and more, then sync it seamlessly to one single integration. So get the welcome pack and save 20% on both hardware and software today.