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What networking equipment should I choose for my business?

Select the right Ubiquiti UniFi networking equipment for seamless connection with your Square devices.

Proper network selection and installation is crucial in protecting your network-dependent devices that are essential for your business to operate seamlessly. 

The table below highlights common needs of Square sellers, but does not cover all needs. If your needs are not represented in the article below, we recommend that you consult with a third-party networking specialist to design your network. Beyond what is available directly on Square’s online Shop, a broad array of equipment options for all types and size of businesses are also available through our preferred networking gear partner, Ubiquiti

Size of Business Location Small size Medium size Micro / mobile
# of Square Devices (POS+printers) 1-5 5+ 2-3
Square Footage < 3000 sq. ft. 3000+ sq.ft 60-120 sq.ft
Additional Devices on Network ・Speakers
Security Camera
Staff Phone/Laptop
Security equipment
Staff Phone/Laptop
Guest Wi-Fi
Smart devices & more
Staff Phone/Laptop
Recommended Hardware
Router UCG Cloud Gateway Ultra Dream Machine Pro UniFi Express
Switch USW Lite 16 PoE USW Pro 24 PoE USW Flex Mini
Access Point UniFi U6+ for indoor use
UniFi U6 Mesh for outdoor use
Use 1 access point for every 1,000 sq ft of coverage, assuming a square or rectangular single-floor area with drywall. If your area has a more complex shape (L or H shape) or features a brick wall, increase the number of access points to improve coverage and signal strength.
Not required (UniFi Express acts as a dual router and access point)


All listed Ubiquiti UniFi products are covered under the UniFi 2-year Limited Warranty. Please go to Square Support for additional information and assistance.