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Bosstab Countertop Mount for Square Register

Learn more about the Bosstab Countertop Mount, an integrated third-party accessory, exclusively customized for Square Register. This countertop mount will secure and stabilize your Square Register’s customer display, making it easy to accept payments, even at a distance.

Set Up and Installation

Your Bosstab Countertop Mount comes with installation instructions and a Get Started Guide to help you set up quickly. You can also follow the directions below:

1. Locate your security key and use it to unscrew the security screw located on the back of the mount. This will remove the top bracket that holds the adhesive. 

2. Prepare to attach the top bracket by wiping the back of your Square Register customer display with a dry cloth.

3. Place the bracket mounting guide over the back of your customer display.

4. Peel off the adhesive paper from the top bracket.

5. With the bracket mounting guide in position, place the top bracket in the cutout space of the guide. Press and hold for 20 seconds and then remove the guide.

6. With the top bracket now on your customer display, reattach it to the base by using the security key and screw. 

7. Plug one end of your customer display cable into the bottom of the customer display and the other end into the base of your Square Register. 

8. If needed, you can adjust your screen orientation of the customer display by going to Settings > Hardware > Customer Display on your Register. 


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