Sparkplug and Square

Square integrates with SparkPlug—an employee sales incentive management platform for retailers and restaurants. Businesses on Square use SparkPlug's flexible gamification engine to easily create and manage all sorts of motivating incentives for frontline sellers.


  • From individual-based order average contests to team-based sale goals, SparkPlug gives owners and managers a powerful new tool to effectively motivate and incentivize employees to stay focused and productive.

  • SparkPlug seamlessly integrates with your Square account and syncs sales and users; build and launch your first sales incentive with just a few clicks.

  • Onboarding your employees to SparkPlug is a breeze. SMS-based onboarding and password-less login mean 90% of employees are opted-in and participating in incentives in your first week.

Integrate with SparkPlug

To integrate SparkPlug with your Square account:

  1. Go to the SparkPlug page via Square App Marketplace.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Follow the prompts and allow permissions to integrate and access your Square account information.

You can view all of your integrations at any time via the App integrations tab on your online Square Dashboard.

Billing and Pricing

For more information about comparing plans and pricing, visit the SparkPlug website.

Manage your SparkPlug Account

For assistance with your SparkPlug and Square integration: