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SoundHound for Restaurants and Square

SoundHound for Restaurants integrated with Square provides restaurants a more efficient way to take first-party orders over the phone. SoundHound for Restaurants enables customers to simply speak their order, pay via a Square link, have that order pushed into the Square Terminal, and be prepared for pick-up.


  • Restaurants are trying to capture more orders and do more business while balancing time and resources, just answering the phone can be a full-time job. With the new SoundHound for Restaurants voice assistant, you no longer have to choose between answering a call or serving the customer in front of you.

  • You also get a voice assistant that’s like a permanent employee, one who is always on shift, answers every call with zero hold time and takes multiple orders at the same time. Our voice assistant delivers the consistent customer service you want your customers to have, without even spending your time hiring and training.

  • Start taking more orders without having to dedicate a team member and ensure that you can handle all your phone orders during peak hours.

Integrate with SoundHound for Restaurants

To integrate SoundHound for Restaurants with your Square account:

  1. Go to the SoundHound for Restaurants page via Square App Marketplace.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Follow the prompts and allow permissions to integrate and access your Square account information.

You can view all of your integrations at any time via the App integrations tab on your online Square Dashboard.

Billing and Pricing

For more information about comparing plans and pricing, visit the SoundHound for Restaurants website.

Manage your
SoundHound for Restaurants Account

For assistance with your SoundHound for Restaurants and Square integration, you’ll need to visit the SoundHound for Restaurants Help Center.