QuickBooks Online and Square

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Square integrates with QuickBooks Online by Amaka so you can automatically sync Square sales transactions and payments into QuickBooks Online within a few minutes. Data is summarized into a single daily invoice to fast-track the bank reconciliation process.


Sync Square sales transactions to QuickBooks Online accounting software.

  • Data is automatically synced into a single daily invoice for perfectly balanced books. Capture transactions from multiple locations. Sync to a single or multiple account files.

Fast-track your bank reconciliation process.

  • Automatic data sync from Square to QuickBooks Online means your regular bank reconciliation process becomes lightning-fast and 100% accurate. You can also backdate your sync to catch up on your books.

Get unlimited support from Amaka' team of integration experts.

  • Book a 30-minute session with Amaka's CPA- trained support team whenever you need. They can walk you through the activation stage as well and answer any questions.

Integrate with Intuit QuickBooks Online

Connect Square and QuickBooks Online to start syncing your daily sales transactions. To do so:

  1. From Amaka's website, click Get Started for free.

  2. Get started with a new account or click Sign in if you already have existing login details.

  3. Under Integrations, click Create one now.

  4. Select Square + Intuit Quickbooks, then connect both accounts.

  5. Choose from three different set-up options:

    • Two-Minute Express setup to automatically map data into default accounts,

    • Advanced Setup for custom mapping, or

    • Guided Setup to schedule a 30-minute call with one of QuickBook's integration experts.

  6. Continue with the integration setup.

Learn more about how to set up your QuickBooks and Square integration using Amaka's tutorial video:

Manage Your QuickBooks Online Account

For assistance with the QuickBooks Online by Amaka and Square integration: