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Beta Feature | Tip pooling

Welcome to the beta feature for tip pooling. Tip pooling will equally divide each credit card tip across all clocked in tip eligible employees.

Get Started

To get started first check that each employee is selected or deselected to be part of tip splitting for transactions. For example if you do not want a manager to receive tips you’ll need to toggle off tip eligible in their profile.

Select Tip Eligible employees

  1. From your Square Dashboard > Team

  2. Select Team Member

  3. Select Job Role from their profile

  4. Toggle on Tip Eligible for each role that earns tips or off to exclude role in tip splitting.

Turn on Tip pooling

  1. From your Square Dashboard > Timecards

  2. Select Settings > Tip distribution

  3. For distribution method select Pool tips per transaction 

  4. Select for All locations or individual locations

  5. Save

View tips for employees by shift

  1. From your Square Dashboard > Timecards

  2. Select Workday

  3. Select an employee’s shift

  4. Select Tips earned from the pop up

  5. The credit card tips will be the total of that employees share of tips during the shift

View tips per employee for any time range

  1. From your Square Dashboard > Reports

  2. Select Team Sales

  3. Select the date range and any other filters at the top

  4. Each employee that worked in the time frame will be listed with their associated tips.

Note: If using Square Payroll you’ll need to manually enter tips in Payroll. Learn more in this support article. Syncing tips to Square Payroll will be available at a future date during this beta.

Learn more about manual tip entry

Thank you for being part of this Beta. To share feedback, please make sure you are a member of our Beta Community, a private community where you can provide input, get support on the latest features, report bugs, and submit product requests for this feature. You can also reach our team for support with this feature at

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