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Save a Payment Card for Invoice Payments

With Card on File, you can save customer payment cards to your Customer Directory, immediately process invoice payments, and get paid faster. Saving a card on file comes in handy when using recurring invoices or sending multiple invoices to the same customer.

There are a few ways to save a customer’s payment card:

From your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Visit the Customers section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Create or select an existing customer profile.

  3. Click the three-dotted actions menu on the bottom-right > Add Card.

  4. Enter the card details, select a location where this card can be charged, and print and file a Customer Authorization form. Note: the Authorization Form does not have a field for CVV for security purposes. The CVV is securely stored within your customer’s profile and not visible once saved.

  5. Click Confirm.

From your Square app:

  1. Tap Customers in the navigation menu > All Customers.

  2. Create or select an existing customer profile.

  3. Tap Edit Personal Information > Add Card.

  4. Swipe, insert, or key-in a card number > Next.

  5. Enter the customer’s email address so they can be notified when their card is charged > Next.

  6. Enter the card’s billing zip code > Authorize.

When creating a new invoice:

  1. When creating an invoice in the Square Dashboard or Square app, scroll to More Options.

  2. Check or toggle Allow Customer to save a card on file.

  3. When paying the invoice, your customer will be given the option to save their card details for future invoices and purchases.

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