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Replace a Temporary Domain

You can use temporary domains when designing a site, and you can even publish using a temporary domain so that you and your clients can preview the full site (our preview functionality doesn’t include things like the store or membership). But once it’s ready to go live, you’ll likely want to replace the temporary domain with a permanent one that you’ve purchased from a registrar.

To change a site’s domain:

From the site’s detail page, choose Edit domain.


From the dropdown choose Provide your domain.

Change a domain

Enter your domain name. You don’t need to include www at the beginning, but do be sure to use the correct TLD at the end, for example .com or .net. Click Save.

Publish the site for the change to take place. If you’ve just purchased the domain, or added the IP address to the A record, it may take a few hours for the change to take place.

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