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Get Started with Square’s Self-serve Ordering Beta Program

Welcome to Square’s Dine-in Contactless Ordering Beta Program

This feature will provide your dine-in customers with a new way to order, re-order, and pay for their purchase using their own personal mobile devices.

Keep in mind that this feature will only work with our Order Online template and not our Shop All. To check what kind of page you have, please take a look at this Support Center article.

If you have any feedback or experience any issues, please contact us at or visit our Beta Seller Community to connect with other Square sellers like you.

Item Setup

First, you’ll need to set up your items for Dine-in. To do so,

  1. Log in to your Square Online Overview Page > Online Store

  2. Click Items

  3. Click Item Library

  4. Click on an item that you want to sell for dine-in ordering

  5. Select item Visibility to Local Delivery & Dine-in

Note: If you want a different menu for Local Delivery and Dine-in, you’ll need to create a separate site. To create multiple sites, follow the steps in this Support Center article.

QR Code Setup

Once you select your items to display for Dine-in Ordering, you can start creating your QR codes. Note: Your website must be published before generating your QR codes. To start creating your QR codes, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Square Online Overview Page > Online StoreNote: If you have more than one online site, make sure that you are printing your QR codes from the correct site you want to direct your clients to order from. The top left corner will let you know what site you are editing.

  2. Click Settings > Dine-in QR codes.

  3. Choose the location you’d like to set up Dine-in QR Codes for > Set up.

  4. Enter the Number of stations you want to set up Dine-in QR Codes for. We will automatically create the number of QR codes needed for your stations.

  5. Enter a Station label specific to your seating arrangement, such as a table, booth, or counter seat.Station code selection

  6. You can then choose to: a. Export QR codes to design an ordering card that reflects your brand, or send to a design agency. b. Print station cards with Square’s default-ordering card design.

  7. Click Save and note the confirmation that Dine-in is turned on for your specific location(s).

  8. Place your printed codes at each station in a place that’s easy for your customers to spot.

Important things to note:

  • You can edit these settings at any time and reprint/export your QR codes again if your station arrangements change at any time.

  • You can only have 1 set of codes active at a time and each table needs a unique number. For example, if you originally create 10 stations but then change it down to 3 stations and reprint those codes, only the 3 new codes you created will work.

What your customers will see

  1. When your customers are directed to choose a station, they’ll see the QR code with instructions to scan the code with their mobile device’s camera and open the menu.Qr code example

  2. Your customer will then be directed to your Square Online site ordering page to choose items they wish to order from your menu.

  3. On the checkout page, they’ll see confirmation of their station informing the customer you will bring the order to their table.Station order example

  4. Your customer will also receive a confirmation email that includes their station ID and a text message confirmation.

What happens after your customer places their order?

  1. In the Orders section of Square Point of Sale, Dine-in orders will show up as Delivery orders. At this time, orders are still considered to be “delivered” to the customer at their station.

  2. Staff can tap an order to find the Station ID details in Order Notes (e.g., Dine-in: Table 23)new order example

  3. The Order Ticket for your prep station(s) also prints out with the Station ID in the Order Notes so your staff can distinguish between a Dine-in order to be plated, or a true delivery to be packed in takeout boxes. receipt example

For more information on managing orders on Square Point of Sale, please visit this Support Center Article.


When will Dine-in show up in the Orders section on Square Point of Sale?
Our team is working on this! We expect this update will be made by the end of 2020. In the meantime, they will show as delivery orders; please look at the order notes which include the table numbers- indicating it’s a dine in order.

How does my customer place a second order?
If your customer wants to place an order for a follow up item, they’ll need to scan the QR code and place a second order. If the customer does not place the order by scanning the QR code, the Station ID will not be reflected in the Order Notes.

What are some ways I can advertise QR code ordering with customers?
Contactless ordering- keeping your employees and your customers safe!

How should I implement the printed QR codes?
Here is how we’ve seen customers successfully add QR codes to their operations.:

  • Table top sign holder

  • Laminated cards: Helps prevent cards from getting wet

  • Placing them on top of physical menus

  • Printed and taped down onto the table

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