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Commerce Tracking for Square Online with Google Analytics

Note: We cannot provide in-depth troubleshooting for problems arising from the use of third-party HTML/CSS code in our Support Center. For assistance with the code itself, please consult a code expert.

Google Analytics provides free and powerful tracking for online stores like your Square Online site. As described by Google, you can use ecommerce tracking to find out what your customers are buying through your site, including information about:

  • Products: Which items shoppers buy, in what quantity, and the revenue generated by those items.

  • Transactions: The revenue, tax, shipping, and quantity information for each transaction.

  • Time to Purchase: The number of days and number of visits it takes to purchase, starting from the most recent campaign through the completed transaction.

Google Analytics can also help you track your website's performance to monitor traffic and other statistics not related to commerce. Learn more about custom tracking code for additional details on tracking your website.

Set Up a Google Analytics Account

To start taking advantage of this tracking:

  1. Set up a Google Analytics account.

  2. Turn on ecommerce tracking.

Learn more about setting up ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics in Google's support center.

Add Google Analytics to Your Site


The next step is to tell your online store that you want to use the Google Analytics tracking by using your Tracking ID. Learn more about finding your Tracking ID in Google's support center.

Once you obtain your Tracking ID, follow these steps:

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Settings > General or Shared Settings > General.

  2. Under Tracking, select Edit to enter in your custom ecommerce tracking information.

  3. Select Save when finished.

  4. Publish your site from the Square Online site editor.

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