Contact Cash App Support

While our Square Point of Sale Customer Success team is happy to assist with any inquiries related to our Point of Sale app and other Square products, we're unable to support Cash App related questions. Here's how you can reach Cash App support.

Identify Your App

  • Cash App: Cash App is a mobile payment service that allows users to transfer money to one another, as well as invest in stocks and Bitcoin. The app icon is green with a white dollar sign in the center.

  • Square Point of Sale: Square Point of Sale is a mobile point of sale app that allows sellers to process payments, refunds, track inventory, send invoices, and much more. The app icon is white and gray with the Square logo in the center.

Contact Cash App Support With an Account

To reach out to Cash App support directly from the Cash App:

  1. From the app, tap on your profile icon.

  2. Tap Support.

Contact Cash App Support Without an Account

If you’re unable to sign in or don’t have a Cash App account, we still want to hear from you! You can request contact through cash.app/help.