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Customer Data Collection

To Enable

  • From your Square Point of Sale application, click on Settings.
  • Tap on “Data Collection”

Once you enable this feature, you will see the option to customize the messaging and reward specifically for your business.

Add or Remove Fields

  • Tapping on “Add/Remove Data” will let you delete or add any category of information you want to collect from your customers.
    • Examples include: Email, Phone Number, Birthdays, etc.
  • You are able to create your own categories by doing the following:
    • Tap on “Configure Profile” located in the settings tab.
    • Tap on “Add custom field”.
    • Type in the new field you would like to include.

Messaging and Coupon

  • From here, you will see the option to edit the Headline, Subheadline, or Coupon value.
  • Tap “Edit” to adjust.


  • If Coupon is togged on, you will see the option for
    -Fixed amount off entire sale
    -Percentage off entire sale (You can select preset percentages or enter in your own percantage)
    -Set expiration date.


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