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Mailchimp and Square

With Mailchimp and Square, you can create a shoppable landing page in minutes to quickly and easily sell products online.

Mailchimp’s free landing page builder makes it easy to design and publish customized landing pages that work for your business. You can use a pre-designed template or start from scratch with a basic layout. Adding payments directly to your landing page is a quick, easy way to sell an exclusive or limited edition item, test a new product line before building out a full eCommerce platform, sell your newly crowdfunded idea, run targeted promotions, and more.

Mailchimp gives you access to the marketing tools you need to promote your page and stay in touch with your customers. Manage email and ad campaigns from your Mailchimp dashboard, and know that your payments are securely powered by Square.

You can visit the Mailchimp website to learn more.

Integrate with Mailchimp

After connecting your Square account to a Mailchimp account, your catalog items can be automatically synced to Mailchimp and dropped directly into one of their many pre-designed templates. Once your Mailchimp site is activated, you can promote your shoppable landing page via the new Buy Now button integrated into Mailchimp’s marketing products, or link through any other platform. Your customers will complete their purchases through a built-in payment form powered by Square in approximately three clicks.

You can learn more about integrating your Mailchimp and Square accounts on the Mailchimp website.


It’s free to build and publish landing pages on Mailchimp. Square’s standard payment processing fees apply, and there are no additional fees to integrate your Square account with a Mailchimp account.

Payments and Reporting

When customers make a purchase from your Mailchimp landing page, the transaction is automatically reflected in the sales summary of your Square Dashboard. You’ll receive transfers for your Mailchimp transactions just like your Square Point of Sale payments, following your transfer schedule.

Manage Your Mailchimp Account

Square integrates with Mailchimp for online payment processing and sales reporting. Mailchimp features and services are managed by them directly. Visit the Mailchimp Support Center to learn more.

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