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Square Installments: Disputes for Goods and Services Not Provided

Communication is key. A great way to settle a dispute is for both you and your customer to communicate and come up with an agreeable resolution. This gives you a chance to resolve issues quickly while also helping give your customer peace of mind.

Goods or Services Not Provided

If your customer has a Square Installments loan and claims they never received the item or service promised to them at the time of purchase, they can initiate a dispute claim with us. We have a process for sorting these out and will be with you throughout the whole process.

The Disputes Process

If you and your customer are unable to settle on an agreeable resolution, they are able to initiate a disputes claim with us. Once we receive a disputes claim, we will contact you for additional information to get a clearer picture of the story.

You may be asked to supply documentation proving you provided the goods/services promised to the customer at the time of purchase. You will have seven days to respond to our request for additional information. Providing this information in a timely manner can help expedite the review process.

Examples of documents we accept include the following:

  • Signed completion of work forms

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery

  • Delivery records (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.) showing goods were delivered

  • Documented communication where customer confirms receipt of your goods/services

  • Evidence of actual services delivered (e.g., a link to or a copy of a webpage you completed, files of work completed for a client)

Note: Failure to provide this documentation within the requested time frame will result in forfeit of the dispute. In accordance with our Square Installments Seller Terms, Square Capital will issue a debit to your linked bank account for the full loan amount if the dispute is resolved in the customers favor or if you fail to provide sufficient information.

Tips for Preventing Future Disputes

Be up front and set expectations. Consider providing your customers with a signed contract that clearly outlines all your sales policies—like your refund, return, and cancellation policies. For your convenience, here are 12 free contracts to help you get started. You can also customize your receipt and invoices to add your sales policy to both your Square receipts as well as Square Invoices.

Don’t issue refunds outside of Square. If you issue a refund outside of Square, know that a customer can still open a claim. If you are going to process a full or partial refund on a transaction, remember to always process the refund through Square. This is especially important for the Square Installments program, where specific program terms apply.

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