Square Appointments and Customer Directory Overview

Learn how to manage your Appointment’s Client List and Customer Directory.

Square Appointments and Customer Directory

The Square Appointments Client List and Customer Directory are the same. Any changes made to the Customer Directory will be reflected in your Appointments Client List, and vice versa.

To remove duplicate entries in your directory:

  1. Visit Customers in your online Dashboard, and combine duplicate contacts by clicking Resolve Duplicates
  2. Combine all duplicates by clicking Combine All Duplicates, or manually combine duplicates by clicking Combine for each individual customer. 
  3. Click the Appointments group in your Customer Directory to view or delete any contacts that were added that you do not wish to keep.

Note: If you have separate contacts that share the same email address or phone number, we recommend individually reviewing your list to avoid combining contacts you’d prefer to keep separate. If you click Combine All Duplicates you’ll automatically combine any contacts that have the same email address or phone number. Any customers that are deleted from your Customer Directory will also be deleted from your Client List.


If you’re a Square Marketing subscriber, the combination of these two lists (Clients and Customers) may cause your Square Marketing subscription price to increase. This depends on the number of customers in your Reachable group.

No changes will be made to your subscription price until the 1st of the next month (e.g. if it’s February 2, your price change will go in effect on March 1). To avoid a price increase, follow the steps above.

Learn more about managing your Customer Directory.

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