With your Cash Card, you can spend cash right from the Cash app.

Cash Card is a Visa prepaid card generated by Cash App that you can use to pay merchants and retailers with the funds in your Cash app. Your Cash Card is unique to Cash App and isn’t connected to your bank. This is separate from your personal debit card linked to your Cash app.

Order Your Cash Card

With your Cash Card, you can send, receive, and spend cash right from the Cash app. To receive and design your Cash Card:

  1. Tap Cash Card.
  2. Toggle Enable Card > Confirm your personal information and enter in a shipping address.
  3. Add your signature and personalize your card.

Set up Your Cash Card

Once you’ve ordered your Cash Card, you will typically receive it within 5 - 10 business days. Once your card has arrived, enable your Cash Card:

Activating the card using the QR code included with the packaging is a snap:

  1. Open the Cash app and tap Cash Card.
  2. Tap the image of your Cash Card and tap Activate Cash Card or the Activate box under the image.
  3. When the Cash app asks for permission to use your camera (to scan the QR code) tap Ok.
  4. Hold camera over the QR code so they line up.

You can still activate the Cash Card without the QR code, to do so:

  1. Open the Cash app and tap Cash Card.
  2. Tap Activate.
  3. Tap on the Help button at the bottom of the screen. Select Use CVV Instead from the choices provided.
  4. Follow the instructions and enter the CVV code and expiration date of your card.

Once your Cash card is activated, you can use it to spend your cash with Apple Pay, online or in other apps.

To add your Cash Card to Apple Pay

  1. Tap Cash Card.
  2. Tap your cash card > Add to Apple Pay.
  3. Tap Next > Agree > Done.

Initiate a Chargeback for your Cash Card

If you believe that a payment has been made with your Cash Card without your authorization, please contact us.