Square Payroll: Workers' Compensation Insurance FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Square Payroll and workers’ compensation Insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance FAQs

What is workers’ compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance, commonly referred to as workers’ comp, provides wage reimbursement and medical benefits to employees injured while working. For more information on workers’ compensation, visit the EDD Website.

How is my insurance premium calculated?

Your premium is calculated based off of multiple factors such as your industry, the amount you pay your employees, your number of employees, where your employees work, and their day-to-day activities.

Who is required to have workers’ compensation insurance?

State laws vary, but generally, an employer’s responsibility to provide coverage depends on the number of employees, the type of business, and the type of work performed.

States may exclude certain types of workers. These exclusions may include farmworkers, domestic employees, and seasonal or casual workers. To confirm whether you are subject to these requirements, find your state’s workers’ comp office from this list provided by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Many employers prefer paying workers’ comp premiums over the course of the year based on their payroll instead of paying one lump sum at the beginning of the contract (and adjusting at the end of the year). “Pay as you go” billing requires the payroll details to be sent to the workers’ comp provider after each pay run. Square Payroll takes care of this on your behalf if you sign up for workers comp through AP Intego.

AP Intego FAQs

How do I contact AP Intego?

You can call AP Intego’s main customer support line or reach them via e-mail. They can be reached at: (888) 289-2939 or cservice@apintego.com.

Can I get a quote online from AP Intego?

Yes, you can. Get an online quote now.

Can I transfer my existing workers’ comp policy?

You may be able to transfer your existing workers’ comp policy provided AP Intego works your insurance carrier. We recommend you contact AP Intego to find out.

What information does Square share with AP Intego?

After every pay period, Square shares the following information with AP Intego:

Merchant Profile

  • Business name
  • EIN
  • E-mail

Employee Information

  • Name
  • Hours
  • State

Payroll Information

  • Pay period dates
  • Pay and hours by employee

When does Square send my payroll information to AP Intego?

Either on your employee pay date or the day you send payroll – whichever is later.

I just purchased a “pay as you go” insurance policy. What happens next?

Within the next 5-7 business days, you will receive a Welcome Email from AP Intego. In this email you will receive directions on how to create your account on their Client Portal and how to set up your linked bank information. This email will also provide you the contact information of an AP Intego Account Representative that can assist you with this process.

If you have additional questions for AP Intego, visit their website for additional FAQs.

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